Yellow Johnboy peaches for sale at the farm
Yellow nectarines on the line
Sunny Slope peaches and apples at a supermaket

Fruit Varieties


                 Yellow                                                White
Sentry                        Harcrest*                         White Rose
Flavorcrest                 Fayette*                           Snow Giant*
Topaz                        Encore*                            Saturn**
Johnboy                     Laurol*
Bounty*                     Flame Prince*
Loring*                      Galaxy**

* Freestone Peaches
** Specialty Doughnut Peaches


                 Yellow                                                White
Eastern Glo           Fantasia                                Snow Queen
Summer Beaut


Empire                          Fuji                              Golden Delicious 
Mutsu                            Jonagold                       Red Delicious
Grimes Golden               Stayman Winesap            Gala

Visit this site sponsered by the Rutgers Cooperative Extension, a unit of the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, to learn more about yellow and white peaches grown in New Jersey.